Saturday, 21 July 2012


We have had glorious sunshine all day in Devon. I was assuming that we were not going to have a summer this year but there it was....a great shinning golden ball in the sky. Graham spent the day out in his workshop making shelves for our new kitchen. I spent the day washing the bedding, cleaning the windows, tidying the craft room and cooking (all of which could have been done if it hadnn't been sunny!) The weather man has promised that it will be nice again tomorrow so I must spend some time out of doors.

Exmouth are having a craft fair tomorrow - Graham saw it advertised in a magazine at work and so that's our plan for the day. We don't know anything about it so it will be a bit of a suprise as well as a day out.

Today's card ....

...... all from pieces from my scrap drawer. It can be found in my web-shop.

Have a great weekend
Hayley and Graham

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  1. Beautifully elegant! love the pinks and browns together.