Monday, 30 July 2012


Well that's number 6 session at the physiotherapy and my shoulder is still not any better. Whenever I come away I always end up feeling worse than when I went. The decission is that I will need ultra-sound to see if there is a tear in my rotar cuff (?????????) All I know is that it hurts and it is preventing me from doing any work in my gorgeous garden. It didn't matter too much when the weather was bad because I could just look through the window and say that there wasn't much that I could do about it. Now that the weather is gorgeous I am still looking through the window at the garden. It has been interesting watching the plants grow and then find out what they are.

The little stream is adorable and Pusskat uses it as her personal drinking hole.

Today's card -)

... has been made using one of the adorable stamps by Hanglar Stanglar. She has been coloured using my copics pens and embellisd using ribbons, brads, brads and papers from my stash. This card will be available in my web-shop soon.

Have a good evening

Hayley and Graham

Friday, 27 July 2012

Holidays .....Yeah!!!

Yeah! Graham has finished work today for 2 weeks. I have written such a long list of jobs for him to do he will probably wish he was back of work. Pusskat will be so pleased to have us both around all day (she's a proper Daddy's girl). I am sure that she thinks she is a puppy because she follows Graham around the garden.  We were a little worried about her when we first moved because one of our neighbours has a Tom cat that was really interested in her. She refused to go outside and when she saw the Tom through the window she would visibly shake. It has taken a while for us to build up her confidence again but she is now back to her mischievious self.

Here is today's card (I hope you like it) -

I used scraps of paper from my drawer and copics to colour in the image which is from LOTV - Milly Flower Power. This card will be for sale in my web-shop.

Have a great weekend everyone
Hayley and Graham

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Look where I've been...

Hi Everyone

I have been missing from Blogland for a few days but I have a very good excuse. Graham and I went to visit our new Granddaughter. She's gorgeous! Baby Eva spent most of the time asleep while Graham snuggled her. I did finally get my own cuddle but I did have to prise her away from him.

I managed to complete Eva's little album and was really pleased with it. I have lots of photos of it and will be posting them over the next few days.

Here is todays offering -

 Once again scraps and buttons come from neverending stash and the image was coloured using my copics pens. The cute boy on his potty is a digi download from Mo Manning. this card will soon be for sale in my web-shop.

Have a good evening
Hayley and Graham

Sunday, 22 July 2012

A day by the seaside

Today we went to visit a craft fair that was advertised in Exmouth, Devon. The sun was shining, the tide was in and there were loads of little sailing boats in the sea. It was gorgeous. The craft fair was quite small and had everything from hand made soap to wood turned fruit bowls to etched glass. It was interesting to watch some of the crafters actually making their products while we were there. Graham introduced himself (and me) to the organiser of the event and asked how we could get a stall for future craft shows. It was really useful and we now have our names on the waiting list. It looks like I will have to do massive amounts of crafting during the summer holidays to make sure we have enough stock!!!

Todays card ...

... has been made using this cute stamp from LOTV - Milly Flower Power. She is soooo gorgeous!! more papers from my scrap drawer and ribbon from my ribbon box. I love this green and pink together. This card will be for sale in my web-shop soon. 

Have a good evening
Graham and Hayley

Saturday, 21 July 2012


We have had glorious sunshine all day in Devon. I was assuming that we were not going to have a summer this year but there it was....a great shinning golden ball in the sky. Graham spent the day out in his workshop making shelves for our new kitchen. I spent the day washing the bedding, cleaning the windows, tidying the craft room and cooking (all of which could have been done if it hadnn't been sunny!) The weather man has promised that it will be nice again tomorrow so I must spend some time out of doors.

Exmouth are having a craft fair tomorrow - Graham saw it advertised in a magazine at work and so that's our plan for the day. We don't know anything about it so it will be a bit of a suprise as well as a day out.

Today's card ....

...... all from pieces from my scrap drawer. It can be found in my web-shop.

Have a great weekend
Hayley and Graham

Friday, 20 July 2012

Yeah!!!!! It's the weekend.

According to the weather forecast, this weekend should be good and so we should be able to get out into the garden to try to sort it out. If that's the case then I won't be spending much time crafting. I have spent so much time shut up in my room over the past few days that I think I need a break from it anyway. I still haven't finished Eva Louise's album but it's coming along nicely.

Here is a card that I made recently.

 All papers have come from my scrap drawer (as usual). The image is from Hobby Art - Poppies and has been coloured using water colour pencils. I also embossed the background with an embossing folder (I don't know the name of it...if you do let me know). The iside of the card has also been decorated in a similar fashion to the front of the card. It is now for sale in my e-bay shop.

I did take a short break from my crafting room to do a bit of painting on the wall of the guest room though. It was one of those things that I had been putting off for a while (mainly because the OHP was still packed in a box somewhere)

Guest Room - Before

Guest Room - After

have a great weekend
Lots of hugs
Hayley and Graham

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I need sleep!!!

I need some sleep!!!

I am finding it very difficult to sleep at the moment...I just can't find a good position to put my arm so that it is comfortable. I've tried having it inside the quilt, on top of the quilt, resting on a pillow, under a pillow, bent and straight and none of them work. I keep waking up with pins and  needles in my finger tip and then I have difficulty dropping back off again. Of course if I'm awake then Graham MUST be awake too. 

Today's card was made using  one of the gorgeous Molly Bloom stamps - Sunshine Molly, buttons and papers are from my stash. The inside of the card has been decorated to compliment the front of the card. It is now for sale in my e-bay shop.

I have also been working on a gorgeous memory albumn for baby Eva so that her mum and dad can keep a record of her first year. I'll post loads of photos when its completed.

More photos of my new house.

Here is the main bedroom before ......


and after.

It is so relaxing and the view from the window of rolling hills filled with sheep is amazing.

Have a good evening
Lots of hugs
Hayley and Graham

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A very proud Nana

I don't have a card to post today...just some fantastic news. My eldest son Gary and his wife, Jill had a baby yesterday evening. Baby Eva Louise is adorable and I am a very proud Nana and Graham a very proud Grandad.

Eva Louise - Born 17 July 2012 - Weight - 9lbs

Love and hugs
Hayley and Graham

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It's raining again!!!!

It's been raining all day again..... I just want  a tiny bit of sunshine so that I can enjoy the garden. Graham has been spending a lot of time digging and thining out the overgrown areas and now I just want to spend some time admiring it. The immediate forecast is not looking too good so I am just going to have to keep admiring it from the window.

One good thing about this bad weather is that I am able to spend more time in my crafting room. Here is my offering today.

I made this using a stamp of a cute bear with building blocks and a sentiment from the Forever Friends Set - new arrivals. It is so sweet. Aahhh! Paper has come from my scrap drawer and buttons and ribbons from my endless supply. The inside of the card has been decorated too. It is now for sale in my web-shop.

Enjoy your evening
Lots of hugs
Hayley and Graham

Monday, 16 July 2012

On a Roll

Hi Everyone

I have had my 4th lot of physio on my shoulder today and now it is aching like mad. Just when I think it is begin to feel better then something happens to put it back again. It seems that I may have damaged the muscles in my neck and the top of my back too. All this from wearing a seatbelt ...but I would hate to imagine what would have happened if I hadn't been wearing it.

The weather has been terrible and has rained all day which has made the stream fill up again. Pusskat usually drinks from the stream but she doesn't like it when it has rained. The speed of the water can be quite rapid as well as quite noisy. When this happens she sits on the side of the bath 'mewing' for someone to turn the tap on so she can get her drink.

            Bathroom - Before                                        

 Bathroom - After


I seem to be on a roll at the moment with making cards and uploading them to my blog (lets hope it continues). Here is todays offering...

I used Magnolia Fairytale - Magical Tilda with Wand and coloured her using my copic pens. My scrap drawer has been used again for the background paper then I added ribbon, candi dots and a sentiment stamp and finished it off by adding lots of glitter. The inside of the card is decorated to compliment the front. It can be found for sale in my web-shop

Take care
Lots of hugs
Hayley and Graham

Sunday, 15 July 2012

St Swithun's Day

St Swithun was an Anglo-Saxon bishop of Winchester and according to tradition, the weather on St Swithun's feast day (15 July) will continue for forty days. I have my fingers crossed for some good weather and so far it has been great. The sun is shinning and Graham has been busy cutting the lawns (a mammoth job) in the garden. I feel a little bit guilty at not being able to help pull up the weeds but after damaging my shoulder in a car accident the most I can do is keep him topped up with cups of tea.

I have another card for you today.
I just love this rubber stamp from LOTV and used it as the main focus on this birthday card. Once again the papers are from my 'bottomless' scrap paper drawer. The wording 'goal!' was made by using the alphabet set 'Leftovers' by Papermania. The inside of the card is decorated to match the front and a blank area has been left so that a personal message can be added. This card is for sale in my web-shop.

Have fun
Hayley and Graham

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Hi, I'm back!

It has been absolutely ages since I last visited my blog. I have sat down on so many occassions to begin typing only to be interupted by other things that are going on. It now appears that my life is beginning to settle down a little (not a lot!) and I may have the time to visit a bit more often.

The house is now almost complete and I will add pictures over the next few weeks to show you. I absolutely love it here in Devon, although it was a bit scary with all the rain that we had recently. The sweet little stream that runs through the garden came very close to over flowing but luckily didn't do so.

To begin with I would like to share with you a card that I made recently. I can't remember who the rubber stamp is made by (if anyone can tell me I can add the details later)and coloured it using my trusty copic pens, the green and purle papers came from my 'scrap drawer' (which seems botomless!) and Prima purple flowers. The little glitter butterfly came from cheap plastic bracelet that a saw in a local sweet shop. I always decorate the inside of my cards to compliment the front making sure I leave enough space to add a personal message.
This card is now for sale through my on-line shop. (link is at the top on the right)

Take care
Lots of hugs
Hayley and Graham.