Friday, 4 November 2011


Hi All,

Well we have finally moved into Blake Cottage. The moving day went so smoothly which was a relief after all of the hassle that we went through in selling London Road. The removal men arrived at 7.30 in the morning and had the van fully loaded by 11am. We had had several phone calls during the morning from the solicitors saying that although the contracts had been exchange on our part they had not been exchange on our sellers’ part. My response was to bury my head in the sand and carry on. We eventually got a call saying that everything had been finalised at 3.20pm which was a bit of a relief as we were already on the M5 heading towards Devon. PussKat was sedated for the journey although she did try to fight against it. I had her on the front seat of my car in her cage and she just stared at me the whole way. Bless her!

Our furniture arrived the following day and once again the removal firm were absolutely brilliant. They had trouble getting the van down the lane to the cottage but managed with only inches to spare. I was just relieved that no one else wanted to use the lane that morning.

It is so nice waking up to views of rolling hills and trees. PussKat is still not sure what to make of the sheep. She sits on the fence just mewing at them.

I have finally managed to get a job but it doesn’t begin until January so that gives me plenty of time to get the cottage sorted out. It is a maternity cover for a Year 6 class. (What was I thinking???) The school have said that I can do some supply teaching in the meantime but I am having problems having a CRB check. They want a copy of my birth certificate (still in one of the millions of boxes that are in the garage) and a bill with my new address on it (haven’t been here long enough to have a bill for anything). I am being really productive though, making loads of Christmas cards and presents.

Graham has been busy making work units and shelving for my study/craft room. It’s coming together nicely. I can’t wait until it is finished and I can finally get all of my crafty stuff unpacked. It’s a bit like Christmas at the moment opening the boxes and discovering thing that I had forgotten that I had because they had been packed up for so long.

Back to opening more boxes.

Hayley & Graham