Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hi everyone

We have had a fantastic christmas and new year in our new house. It was so nice looking out of the windows onto the rolling hills full of sheep. I have finally got the hang of lighting the log fire (Graham's rubbish at it) so sitting here in the cottage snuggled on the sofa with a roaring fire and PussKat curled up on her rug is all very idealic.

We have done quite well with the decorating and unpacking so now all that is left to do is the kitchen and 2 bathrooms. We have chosen the kitchen that we like and had a quote for it and now we just have to win the lottery (several times over)

Graham took lots of photos of the cottage when we first moved in and we are now taking photos of the rooms as we complete them (a bit like a before and after thingy) I am particular proud of two of the rooms that are finished. They are both bedrooms and were probably the easiest rooms to do. We have entered them both into a competition run by Lloyds TSB. If you click on the link below you can see them. our bedroom is under my name (Hayley Thorpe) and the guest bedroom is under graham's name (Graham Noon). You can vote for your favourite room just by clicking on the 'Vote' link and we get a chance to win some money to buy more paint. Yipppeee!

have a great new year

Lots of love

Hayley and Graham