Monday, 16 July 2012

On a Roll

Hi Everyone

I have had my 4th lot of physio on my shoulder today and now it is aching like mad. Just when I think it is begin to feel better then something happens to put it back again. It seems that I may have damaged the muscles in my neck and the top of my back too. All this from wearing a seatbelt ...but I would hate to imagine what would have happened if I hadn't been wearing it.

The weather has been terrible and has rained all day which has made the stream fill up again. Pusskat usually drinks from the stream but she doesn't like it when it has rained. The speed of the water can be quite rapid as well as quite noisy. When this happens she sits on the side of the bath 'mewing' for someone to turn the tap on so she can get her drink.

            Bathroom - Before                                        

 Bathroom - After


I seem to be on a roll at the moment with making cards and uploading them to my blog (lets hope it continues). Here is todays offering...

I used Magnolia Fairytale - Magical Tilda with Wand and coloured her using my copic pens. My scrap drawer has been used again for the background paper then I added ribbon, candi dots and a sentiment stamp and finished it off by adding lots of glitter. The inside of the card is decorated to compliment the front. It can be found for sale in my web-shop

Take care
Lots of hugs
Hayley and Graham

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