Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Intrepid Explorer

Good Afternoon All

We have had a terrible few days here recently which included havng to call out a search party.

It all began on Sunday afternoon when Graham went into the attic to fit a new loft ladder. Pusskat loves the attic (its full of things that she can climb on) and being with her new hero it must have been like heaven to her. An hour later, ladder installed, Graham packed up his tools and came down stairs and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching some soppy film that was on the tele. He had left open the loft hatch because Pusskat had fallen asleep up there and she would no doubt let us know when she woke up. (She is fantastic at climbing up things but rubbish at getting back down again.)

At 9pm I began to wonder why Pusskat had not called to us to help her out of the attic and so Graham went to investigate. There was no sign of her! We searched the whole house... inside cupboards, under the beds, in the dishwasher, everywhere. We then stared a search outside but because it was so dark it was very difficult to look anywhere properly. It's not unusual for her to go outside but it is unusual for her to be outside for anylength of time. There wasn't much more that we could do and so we spent rather a restless night wondering where she could be.

The next day there was still no sign of her. I wandered up and down the lane so many time during the day, looking in the grass verges to see if I could find anything. The farmers from the surrounding fields looked in their outbuildings and my neighbours looked in their garages and gardens. i phoned up the animal search website, and reported her missing, who then informed all of the vets within a 30 mile area just in case someone found her and took her to the nearest surgery. I also made some 'Missing Cat' posters and when Graham came home from work we spent some time putting up the posters in our lttle village and then into the nearest town. Without any news or sign of her we went back home. It was as if she had just vanished.

There was a message on the answer machine when we got neighbour had found Pusskat in his attic but because she was a little bit destressed he was a bit scared to approach her. Somehow PussKat had found a way of getting from our attic into his and even though we have since been and had a really good look around we still can't work out how she did it. Graham was once again her hero by going and rescuing her from the neighbours attic.


She has spent most of today asleep, totally oblivious to all of the commotion that she had caused over the past few days..... and tonight ..... we have to go and remove all of the 'missing cat' posters from the village.

Thanks for dropping by

Hayley and Graham

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