Thursday, 6 September 2012

more physio!!!!!!

I am now getting fed up with being restricted with the things that i can do because of my shoulder. The physio is working like mad on it (Bless her!) but even though the whiplash symptoms seem to have eased the pain and restrictions in my shoulder have become worse.

Graham has been sent to America for 2 weeks and so i am trying to spend the time in sorting out my craft room. He phoned last night to say that there is a 'michaels' quite clsoe by and did I want anything. What a question!!!!!! The problem is i don't know exactly what they sell and their website is not very helpfull. I have just told him to suprise me.

Todays cards:

.... made using mo manning digital download of a boy holding up an enormous cat - Tolerence. These cards are available from my web shop.
Enjoy your evening
Hayley and Graham


  1. Hello Hayley loving these 2 cards. Been looking back over the pics of your garden they're fab. What you done to your Shoulder?sounds like your having a lot of treatment? Pusscat looks very settled!! Sue x

  2. Hi Sue
    Great to hear from you again.

    I had a car crash at the beginning of June when someone drove into the back of me while I was stationery. It appears that the seatbelt caused my shoulder to dislocate and also tear the tendons holding my shoulder in place. Now that the whiplash symptoms are easing the symptoms of my shoulder injury are becoming clearer. I now have an appointment to see a shoulder specialist and still have to go for physio appointments. Its quite scary to think what would have happened if I hadnt been wearing my seatbelt.

    Thank you for your comments about my cards. i am not getting as many done as I would like. I start just as the anti-inflammatory tablets kick in and then have to stop as they wear off.

    Pusskat often comes into the study to help, but laying all over my crafting area can slow me down sometimes.

    Say hi to everyone.
    Miss you all